2016.10 Syngen Biotech attained the qualification approved by Tse-Xin Organic certification corporation.

Customized OEM/ODM service which delicate to your specific needs in providing health reinforced organic products.

One-Stop Service made available by ranks quality ingredients, therapeutic potency and accuracy of label information as green and clean its highest priorities.

Solvent extraction plants offered by Syngen are versatile in operation. Both aqueous and solvent extraction are available for isolating bioactive compounds from plant materials.

We can fully support your service requirements in recovery from preliminary shakeout tests at laboratory scale to integrated commercial pilot plant operations. Our complete purpose-built facilities provide solution packages for design and operating criteria. All extraction procedures are overlooked by well-trained and experienced operators.

As solvents can be reactive to variables such as extraction method, time, temperature, pressure, and the nature of the material being extracted, utmost care and safety considerations have been taken into account to protect operators and the plant itself. All recovery sites at Syngen have inbuilt safety features with an interlocking system that works together with standard operating procedures. All sites are well monitored and maintained throughout the recovery process.

At Syngen, our infrastructure for extraction is well installed and we are committed to ensure work safety as well as keeping high standards of product quality during all extraction procedures.

Syngen is here to help your company to differentiate products from competitors and stand out from the clutter in the marketplace. Based on brand research and years of experience, our brand development team can work with you to find your unique market position that leads to measurable commercial impact. We understand that branding is a key part of your business strategy. With innovation and passion, we add these elements into the branding design process to define your brand, giving it a true identity.

Private labeling is another option to build your brand, go ahead and design your own bespoke labels! Syngen offers hundreds of ready-to-brand private label dietary supplement recipes in various dosages and delivery forms to suit your needs. Simply select any of our pre-existing private label formulas and give them your personal touch by adding your name, create your design and choose your packaging.

Our product portfolio offers bulk buy services to suit your every need. All orders are sold in boxes or bags without packaging or any labelling, perfect for smaller packaging, bespoke labels and design. Syngen Biotech offers hundreds of ready-to-brand private label dietary supplement recipes in various dosages and delivery forms to suit your needs. Also check our dietary supplement product categories here.

All our recipe products are made at our state-of-the-art Taiwan manufacturing plant. Formulations include capsule, liquid, granule, custom single or double-layer tablet and capsule. If you are interested in purchasing large quantities of products in bulk, or if you are interested in exporting, please contact us for more information.

300 million
sachets produced

88 million
beverage produced

1500 new
products developed

25 tons
functional ingredients sold

20 countries
products exported

20 years
of NPD experience

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